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The mission of Fit Happy Woman is to empower you from the inside out, so you feel strong, sexy, healthy and excited!

— Raquel Barrios


Eating smart doesn't have to be hard. I'll share my tips to help you find your right weight... one that lets you enjoy life, no longer on the sidelines. Cooking videos and more.


I'm passionate about fitness! Let me guide you to find quick, simple workouts that you can fit into even the busiest day. Once you get moving, you won't stop... I promise.


Does your mindset create joy and lightness? Are you filled with gratitude, or do you feel that there has to be something more... ? I'll help you focus on creating your best, Fit Happy Woman life, today.

My mission is to empower you
from the inside out, so you feel strong,
sexy, healthy and excited.

Thank you for you for your interest in Fit Happy Woman! My name is Raquel Barrios and I have been in the health and fitness industry for almost 20 years. I am a certified personal trainer, adventure fitness trainer, nutrition educator, mom, wife, and the visionary behind Fit Happy Woman!

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