The New You

We are aging. Period. It is the truth, and with that comes changing hormones, metabolism, and body. We all have this in common, and it can be a tough transition for many, especially for those of you who have had kids, and are wondering where did my body go? How the hell do I get rid of this weight? What happened to me? Where do I begin? It is time to rethink of your body, and yourself entirely.

Before I elaborate, please do not think I am EVER asking you to settle. I am asking the opposite, to embrace your body simply with a more compassionate and accepting mindset.

As our bodies change, your outlook needs to change. You need to make yourself #1. Loving and respecting yourself means exercising regularly, eating a nourishing diet of foods you love and that are feeding your body the proper nutrients, so you feel great on a daily basis.

These steps seem so simple, but can be hard for so many, and can lead to an unhappy, unhealthy self if you are neglecting to do either. I can hear your excuse monster talking right now, you can tell the excuse monster to take a backseat because, honey, there is somebody busier than you taking the steps to becoming a healthier, happier individual. It takes making consistent small changes to create a healthy and happy life for yourself. You don’t have to do it all overnight. Change doesn’t work that way.

Simply make one small change a week. It can be as simple as cutting back to one cup of coffee a day, or starting a daily 30-minute fitness routine, or having at least one healthy home cooked meal a day. The following week you can add another healthy habit, and before you know it you are feeling great and kicking butt! Take a moment right now to write on your calendar, for the next 2 months, one small change you are going to make each week.

The next VERY important step is to accept and love yourself 100%. When you are all in on taking care of yourself, you still may not be back to your pre-baby weight, or your “ideal” weight, or still have a little extra junk in the trunk, but that may be where your body is happy.

Once again, I am not asking you to settle. I am asking you to accept what you have, love yourself, even when you are in those first few days/weeks of a new healthy, awesome you. If you keep moving forward, exercising, eating well, and practicing self-acceptance you will genuinely get to a place of transformation, and a place where you are content and thriving!

You are a role model for your children. If you are constantly self-loathing, your children will hear it, and take it on themselves, hence the dysfunction perpetuates. I beg of you PLEASE don’t go there! You can change right now. Consistent small steps in the right direction are all it takes.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming Fit happy Woman Program that will address all of these changes in life, and coach you into becoming the Fit Happy Woman you have been longing to bring out because you Only Live once and you deserve to Thrive! You can sign up here to be among the first to know when the program opens.

Remember small changes. Feel free to comment below or on the Fit Happy Woman facebook page one small change you are going to make to create a healthier more gratifying life for yourself.