Raquel Barrios

My mission is to empower you
from the inside out, so you feel strong,
sexy, healthy and excited.

Thank you for you for your interest in Fit Happy Woman! My name is Raquel Barrios and I have been in the health and fitness industry for almost 20 years. I am a certified personal trainer, adventure fitness trainer, nutrition educator, mom, wife, and the visionary behind Fit Happy Woman!

All my life, I observed so many of the women in my life not living up to their true potential. First, I grew up with a bad-ass, incredibly loving mother who NEVER saw her own potential, even though she was living it EVERY single day as a mother. She gave everything she had, jumped from one diet to the next, and was never truly appreciated or satisfied. Hell no, that is not going to be me, I promised myself.

But it wasn't just my mom. I saw it in other women of her generation and women of my generation, too. I believe that I was born to help those under-appreciated women find their light, their beauty, and their full potential.

Growing up with this mission helped me harness my own strength and positivity. I was always trying to lift my mother up and in turn I was lifting myself up. I have inner strength and a love for myself that is so deep. I love what I see in the mirror. I love and respect my body. I choose to be happy and positive, and I love to make every person who crosses my path feel special, as well.

I was born to be a coach. I was born to help the people around me find the best in themselves. I have had this vision since I was in my late teens. Now Fit Happy Woman has come to fruition, and I am so excited! After creating and offering in-person training, personal coaching, boot camp, and health transformation programs for almost a decade in Marin County, I am taking my vision online to reach more people. People like you.

I have the experience, resources, and a genuine passion to help bring the best out in YOU!

My mission is to empower you from the inside out, so you feel strong, sexy, healthy and excited. I am dedicated to working with you to bring out your Fit Happy Woman. I have a spirited, engaging approach to coaching that will keep you motivated and inspired to keep moving forward.

You only live once and you deserve to thrive!

A little about me:

  • I’ve been running women's outdoor fitness boot camps in Marin County since 2008, and I love every second!
  • I am married with one son and a sweet dog.
  • I love dogs (when my son was born we had 3 rescue dogs).
  • I live in Marin County just north of San Francisco
  • I am first-generation American. Both of my parents are from Nicaragua (I can do a great impersonation of my mom!)
  • Mountain biking is my favorite sport and I love going downhill FAST!
  • Singing is one of my favorite outlets. I've been the vocalist in a few bands.
  • I love the outdoors and am always up for an adventure!
  • I love to laugh, cry easily, and can shell out sarcasm on demand.
  • I am 100% committed to your success!